Friday, April 1, 2016

Will there even be a new blog?

Oh God how tired I am. We were in bed talking last night, me and J, as we often do. So the time just went flying by before we got to sleep. So I took my sleeping pills late and I can still feel the effect of them. So for the moment everything is a bit fuzzy.

That whole thing with looking for a design didn't go great. I spent hours looking and couldn't find a single one. Not even one to use as a ground to keep building on. And even though I seached for free designs I almost only found ones that costs and that won't happen. I won't pay $50-$70 for a design, that's just how it is. So worst case I will stay here on blogger. But I prefer Wordpress any day of the week. And do my own design is not an option. Sure, I could probably change how wide it is and stuff like that but nothing else. I was so disappointed.

Friday today and the last day at my internship for this week. Sure, I like it there, but it's so nice to have time off. Now I enjoy it more than when I just was home every day doing nothing. I look forward to the weekends in a whole new way.

The only bad thing is that the munchkins are going to their dad for the weekend and then it will be empty, silent and boring at home. But you just have to the the best of if and sleep in and stuff like that.

After my internship I'm going down town. The munchkins needs more socks, as always. I don't understand where theirs are going. Leo refuses to wear socks but at the community youth center he has to. Then I know that there were something else I was gonna buy, but I forgot what it was. We'll see if I can remember it when I get down there.

Then I will take the bus to the grocery store and shop for the weekend. I think I will buy a chicken salad for dinner today. J and I was talking about it last night and I wanted one so bad. Yes, I think I will today.

Munchkin,  you will be missed 

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