Saturday, April 2, 2016

Moving the Swedish blog and party party

I first woke up at 10 am, but since it's the weekend and I don't have any kids at home I refused to get up. I managed to get back to sleep and when I wake up the next time J was ready to leave. No morning cuddle, no nothing. Yes, Lilith got a bit pissed, he could have woken me up for that. But he promised to come back early, so we'll see.

Moving the blog is still happening. It's been working on it. I got a tip from Jeanette to check out Etsy for a design and I hadn't even thought about that. I found a design a fell for. The problem is, that everyone knows, that there are always things you want to change on a design, no matter how much you like it, and I don't know anything about writing code in Wordpress. I used to be able to, a bit, but that was many years ago and I have lost it all. But Linda can, and she was nice enough to work her ass of last night with changing it to how I want it to be. It's almost finished, but there are still a few things left. And when the design is finished there are still stuff to be done before I can move my blog. But I'm gonna use the same adress.

Tonight we are going out. I still don't know who we are, if there will be more than just me and J. We haven't been out since November so it will be fun. Something nice to eat and drink and listen to some good music. Maybe Kalle is coming but he didn't know yet. Then I think J talked to some friends but they didn't know. Oh well, it will be fun anyway.

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