Thursday, March 31, 2016

Morning panic

Oh god I woke up in a panic mode this morning. I overslept and woke up at 8 am and am suposed to leave for my internship at 8.30 am. Leo was still sleeping so I woke him up, made sure he had his breakfast and got himself ready and then I had to make myself ready. Didn't even have time to put on any make up.

I need to switch chairs at my internship because when we are putting away files my back hurts. Everyone has ergonomic chairs but me. So when the boss gets back on April 4th my supervisor will talk to her about getting me one as well. My back hurts all day long now. And I already have problems with my back and don't want any more problems.

When I got home J was in bed playing on his xbox and he still is. I had to do everything I usually do before I leave in the morning, plus everything I do when I get home. But now I'm finally done, just waiting for the laundry.

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