Sunday, April 10, 2016

A not so quiet sunday

What a great day we had yesterday, Maja was so happy! And that what it's all about. She got great gifts too. Inlines and protection, an android figure that is a speaker to her phone, money and more money, a gift card, shorts and a pretty necklace. The only bad thing was how it ended. She had a little to much to eat so she threw up. It's not the first time that that happend so I thought she had learned, but no. First they had Chinese with Kalle for lunch and then all that sweet stuff, it was just to much for her.

Today I had planned a quiet day until I got two letters in the mail at the end of the week. The first one was that they are coming to adjust the termostat so I have to empty the closet so they can get to it, and the other thing is that they are painting the wood on the balcony so I have to empty the balcony. Oh well, then I know what I'm doing today. Plus all that every day stuff you have to do. Then I need to think of something to eat and go to the store. And laundry. It's not like I will just sitt there today.

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