Monday, April 11, 2016

Sooo tired

I went back to sleep yesterday after I have blogged. I was just gonna lay in bed and watch while J was playing on his xbox and the kids were going outside so Maja could use her inlines with Kalle. I layed in bed and was gonna watch for a moment and went right back to sleep. Then I slept for an hour or so. I guess I needed it.

When I woke up I got ready and then we went to the store. We met Kalle and the munchkins outside so they came with us. Then Kalle came up for a coffee before he went home.

I got everything done yesterday but not the laundry. It had to wait until today insted. I'll do that when I get home from my internship. It's not like it will go away.

J spent the afternoon playing on his xbox with Maja. He was just home to get another hand control for his xbox. While he was away I emptied the balcony and the closet. It was kind of quick, about 10 minutes.

Today I wasn't happy when the alarm sounded, I did not want to get up. Insted I just wanted to curl up against J and go back to sleep. But it was just to get up and look happy. But I'm so tired I can almost not keep my eyes open. But now it's time to get ready.

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