Saturday, April 9, 2016

Birtday party

I first woke up at 6.30 am, when I get up on the weekdays. Went up for a smoke and then back to bed and back to sleep and then I slept untill 11 am.

Oh God what I worked hard yesteryday. 30 minutes was all the time I had to sit down. I cleaned all the counters in the kitchen and the kitchen table, vaccumed and scrubed all the floors, picked up trash everywhere and got one garbage disposal bag and a paper bag, cooked and did the dishes twice. Maja baked and whiped the kitchen after her and soaked everything. She has gotten so big to do all that now.

Today is her birthday party. I need to wrap her gifts which I forgot yesterday, go to the grocery store and do the dishes. And of course make myself ready. Maja was happy when J promised he will be here for her party. It will be the first time he meets my mom, he has already met all the others. For now he is in the shower getting himself ready.

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