Sunday, April 24, 2016

A day without basketball

It went really well for Maja yesterday, their team only lost one game and won the other two so that means that they got a spot in the playoffs. But in the afternoon Leo started feeling ill so Maja had to go to the last game without us, her coach was nice enough to come get her and Kalle took her home. Leo felt so bad that he went to bed at 8 pm without protest. He got some cough medicine so he could sleep.

This morning it was time to get up at 6.30 am and we got up without any trouble. Since Leo was feeling ill it was only Maja who left with Kalle, the rest of us stayed at home. So when I got her up and made sure she was getting ready I got back in to bed again and went back to sleep. I woke up when J put his arm around me, the best way to wake up.

Today I will do everything I didn't have time to do this weekend because of all the games. Like doing laundry and going to the grocery store. We have lived of left overs since there haven't been any time to go to the store or cook. But now it will be nice with a normal day. These weekends wear you out. Lucky it's only once a year.

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