Monday, April 25, 2016


I had totaly misunderstood everything yesterday. It was Girls 04 that went on to the playoffs and Maja played with Girls 05. But the whole team were there to cheer them on, and cheered them on to a silver. Maja called me and told me that Girls 04 had made it to the finals. And as I said, they got a silver. Me, I had sooo much fun doing everything I didn't have time to do this weekend. I'm still behind on laundry so I know what I will do this week.

Maja and J are still sleeping, they get to sleep in on mondays. Some people are lucky. Leo are in the kitchen having breakfast. He has a cough but no fever and is kind of the same so he will go to school. But with a note saying he will nog be in gym class today. He would never make it. So we'll see if they call from school saying he needs to come home but I don't think so. He is not that bad, then he would have gotten to stay home if I thought he couldn't make it.

This afternoon I will be doing laundry as I said and take care of the apartment. Even though I was cleaning until dinner yesterday it's still stuff that needs to be done. So I'll do it while the laundry machine is going. If I'm lucky I'll have time to curl up on the couch for a while, didn't go to sleep until midnight last night. So right now I'm looking forward to coffee at work a bit extra. I will need it today.

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