Saturday, April 23, 2016

When you can't oversleep

Ouch what a start this day got. My alarm didn't sound, the alarm clock was dead, so I woke up when Kalle called and was outside and it was time to go. So up, wake up the munchkins, grab some clothes and a bag of apples. But we made it in time and lucky for the kids Kalle had a lot with him to eat and he shared that with the kids.

The game yesterday went great, the won big time. The game this morning didn't go that good. The whole team was out of focus and as a result the lost big time. Then it was a few hours left until the next game at 12.30 pm so we went home. I have some stuff to do before we leave. Like doing the dishes that I didn't have time to do yesterday. Depending on how the next game goes we will know if they will play another game, if they make it to the playoffs. I'm kind of a terrible mom, and hate this weekend, so I'm almost hoping that they wont make it. And if they do it won't be where they play now, that is close to where we live. If they do we will have to take the bs down town, and I like to avoid that because they aren't that many buses on the weekends.

A nice surprice for the kids yesterday at the opening ceremony was that their grandfather came. I knew that he had been thinking about it, but we didn't decide on anything so I didn't tell the kids. But when we stood and watched the performances I looked around and there he was. But we didn't stay for the whole ceremony, sleep was more importand, and specially for Maja so she would be fit for fight today. So when we came home around 9 pm it was straight to bed for the munchkins. Me and J went to bed to watch Greys Anatomy before we went to sleep, but I was so tired that I ended up falling a sleep on his shoulder at the end of the episode.

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