Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The internship is coming closer

Yesterday my case worker called. The place that is looking for an intern was positive and want a meeting. So it seems like we are going there next tuesday. You'll have to cross your fingers for me!

Today I'm thinking about going back to bed after the kids have left for school. So much so that I haven't made any cooffee because then I can't go back to sleep no matter how tired I am. I think I'll have my coffee after I have been to the grocery store. Don't know what we are having for dinner yet, only that it will be something with chicken because I got that in the freezer.

After my trip to the grocery store I have to do some laundry, I don't think I do anything else and still the laundry basket is always full. 

Later today there will be a blog post about how I met J. I don't write that much about him but now he'll have a whole blogpost to himself. But it got kind of long, it's eight months I'm writing about.

Now I'm gonna get the kids ready for school. Maja is getting dressed but Leo is still at the breakfast table so I need to make sure he speeds it up a little.

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