Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How I met J

I got a question about how I met J and I can tell you that story. 

Since I'm a girl haha I still remember the date, it was June 26th. Me and Kalle were going out to our favorite pub, Royal. Our mutual friend T was also there. J was out with two friends, the had been to a movie before they came to Royal.

It started when one of Js friends came over and started talking and that's when I noticed J. I thought he was cute but nothing else, not then. Later T went over to their table and somehow they all came back to our table and continued to talk. At first I thought he was older than he is, he is 13 years younger than me. 

We continued to talk during the night and when the place was closing Js friend asked us if we wanted to come back to his place. T had already left and Kalle wanted to go home and go to bed but since I was curious about J I said sure, I can come. 

At his friends house we listened to some really bad music and watched a movie. J wanted to cuddle a lot and I got more and more curious about him. That is also when I found out how young he really are, and that made me a bit guarded. What can we posibly have in common I thought? I'm 13 years older, with three kids. But we did have fun together and before you knew it it was morning and time to go home.

We left together and talked all the way. To not have to go alone I took a minimal detour together with J to where he lives. There we said good bye, hugged and I left. Not until I got home I realized that I didn't have his number, nothing. And I was so curious about him. Even though I was convinced that he didn't feel the same. 

But a day or so went on and I continued to think about him and I realized that I could do a search on Facebook. Said and done, he wasn't that hard to find. I sent him a message but as we all know messages from people you aren't friends with end up in a different inbox that is harder to find. So after a lot of thinking, and some phone calls to both my cousin and my little brother haha, I sent him a friend request and he accepted it.

We started talking right away and got along great. So one night he came over to watch a scary movie when the kids had went to bed and he stayed half the night. We continued to meet up at  my place and watched movies toghether and it didn't take long before he started to spend the night here. First a weekend when the munchkins wasn't home. Then he started staying when they were home and they got along great.

It didn't take long before he was here more than he was home and we had a great time together. The hard part was that I was starting to catch some feelings for him but he seemed fine with the way things were. But after a while I couldn't do it, it was all or nothing for me and I talked to him about it and explained how I felt and as I had guessed he didn't feel the same. It ended with him packing up all of his stuff in the middle of the night, we said good bye and he left. Oh God how I cried after he left.

A few days later I texted him on Facebook on how much I wanted him to come and stay the night one last time, but that I knew why he couldn't. After talking back and forth he ended up coming over and we talked about us. He had feelings for me, but there were so many big differences between us and our lives, even though I felt we had worked that part out really good during the months he had stayed with me. We talked for hours and went to sleep around 3 am that night.

The day after he made me the happiest girl on the planet when we woke and and continued to talk and it turned out that even though the differences that was he still wanted to give us a try. Since then I have had the honors to be his girlfriend and he makes me happy every, single day. It's not many nights we have spent apart, only during christmas and new year. I love him so much and he makes me so, so happy. The munchkins idolizes him and are always so happy every time he comes over. And he does every day, with only a few exceptions. He has really enriched my life and the kids lives and I can't think an every day life without him.

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