Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Some bad news

Oh god  how good I was yesterday that got all the calls done. So now the washer is balanced. Then I texted my case worker if she could call me but someone else did because she is on sick leave until April. It whould have been good to get some info about that. But I toltd the man who called that I needed another tag for the front door and a smaller washer so we'll see if that happens.

At the breakfast group we got some bad news; it's moving to mondays. That means that even the weekends that the kids are with their dad I have to get up semi early on mondays if I'm gonna make it to the breakfast group. We have got a new instructor because one of our old ones quit and she can only make it on mondays. Bleh!

Now it´s full speed going on here at home when the kids are getting ready for school. After they have left I'm gonna go back to bed and to J and sleep for another hour. J is home because he has a headache and stomachache but are going to school tomorrow.

Later this afternoon I'm going to do laundry now that the washer is balanced, I'm out of socks. Then I need to think of something to eat and go to the store. Oh God how I hate to think of something to eat every day. But if I can't think of food for one day how am I gonna do a meal plan for the whole week? No, that's imposible so I'll keep coming up meals day by day.

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