Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Best night ever

The meeting yesterday went great. He had some ideas of places to call so he was gonna start today. So now we are hoping that somethings happening soon. 

When I left I got a text from J asking how it went, and then he said he had something to tell me but it had to wait until he came here. What the fuck could that be? When he came here he gave me a big hug and wishpered in my ear "I love you". Can you imagine how long I have waited to hear that? He made me the happiest ever!

Today I managed to miss the alarm. I woke up at 7.50 in panic. Lucky for me I have big kids that still does what they are gonna do so they were ready for school. Now it's only me that is stressed because I need to take a shower before the breakfast group today.

Later today I need to think of something to eat and then go to the grocery store. I need to call about the washer not being balanced so that everything that stands on it falls down when I do the laundry plus that it hits the sink and I don't want it to break.

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