Thursday, March 3, 2016

A really boring thursday

When the alarm sounded I turned it off and was just gonna close my eyes for two more minutes. But that never happens so it was a little bit longer than that. But the kids got to school in time and that's the main thing. Oh God how I long for the weekend when I get go sleep, no alarm to wake you up.

It's boring and grey outside and I'm thinking about having a cleaning day today. I need to scrub the bathroom. But that's so boring but a bit more fun now that everything is new. And now that all the walls are covered with tile it's so much more easy to keep it clean. Just wipe it insted of standing there with all the cleaning products trying to get the walls clean.

J is still sleeping and I think he will do that for a couple of more hours so I have to be a bit quiet and that means that the vacuuming have to wait. Don't know what I will do until he wakes up. I don't wanna go back to bed again because I don't feel so sleepy, we went to sleep at a reasonable time last night. Sure, I guess I could sleep but then I would wake up really tired which I usually do if I go to sleep when I'm feeling like this.  I'm always moer tired after I have slept than before.

Tonight it's Mob Wives as always on thursdays. My life will not be complete when it's over, this is the last season. Kalle is coming over to watch it with me as he always do, it's our thing. J was gonna sleep at his place tonight but decided to spend the night here anyway. Lilith likes. I really do hate sleeping alone. 

I could amuse myself by getting ready ad go to the grocery store. Just need to check my recipes for something to eat. But I think I'll start with a coffee.

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