Monday, March 28, 2016

Scared to death and sick

God how scared I was last night, Roxy scared me so bad. She is sleeping on the couch as always when she all of a sudden wakes up, start to run around like crazy and there is drool coming out of her mouth. It looks like somthing hanging out of her mouth, which I later see is just drool. But not then. So I think that she has swallowed something that has gotten stuck in her throath. I try to catch her but she runs in to their play tunnel and hide. There is no way I can get to her in there.

So I sit on the couch and wait, and after a while she comes out. She is chewing and licking her lips and I'm convinced that she has swallowed something. Finally I get a hold of her, take her in my arms and try to open her mouth but of course I cant. But when I let her go she throws up all over the couch, twice. But there was only food, nothing else she could have swallowed.

A little while after that I go out for a smoke and J is standing in the kitchen and when I look inside I see Roxy walking towards the food. I ask J and she is eating. She just eats and eats, she eats all of the food I just poured up. After that she has been just like she always is. She comes to cuddle and is her normal self, and she hasn't thrown up again.

Today we are going on a little adventure, we are going to Slagstaglass with Kalle and the munchkins and have ice cream. The munchkins doesn't know where we are going so they have asked a thousand questions where we are going. That is something you have to do in this town, go to Slagstaglass and have one of their ice creams that are the best in town. I don't eat ice cream if it's not Ben & Jerry, the only one I like, so I'll just tag along and watch. And paid for the kids haha. We were going to go and see my cousin who lives there but she isn't home today. Bummer.

Besides that I will just do the most urgent things at home and nothing else. I started to feel a little poor yesterday and when the day was over I was coughing, every joint hurt and I was freezing so bad. It took a while to be able to sleep. 

When I woke up today J asked me how I was feeling and I felt pretty good. Until I got out of bed and started to move. The first thing was that I started to cough again, then freez so bad and every joint hurts. I need to buy something for the fever so I'll make it through my internship this week. I have never ever called in sick for work or an internship ever and I'm not gonna start now.

The cat who scares the life out of you

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