Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Internship and an late evening

What a great day it was yesterday.

We packed the munchkins in the car and left and they had no idea where we were going. They were so happy when we got there, they love Slagstaglass. But you'll get half ruined there, but if you look at how happy the munchkins got it was so worth it.

On the way home we dropped of J and then to the store to get dinner and then back home again. Since I'm not feeling that great we only had pasta and meatballs for dinner.

Today I got my internship. Can't say I'm in the mood for it when I feel the way I do but I think I can handle three hours. The only thing is that I'm so cold. As soon as I move I get cold. Right now I have on my pyjamas, my robe and a blanket and I'm still cold.

After my internship it's the bus to the store to get something for dinner and then back home to do some stuff around the apartment. I might sleep an hour on the couch, I need it. It depends on when J is coming over. He is going to the movies tonight and will be home late, I think I will probably have fallen a sleep. But he's coming over before the movie so he can take my keys so that he will get in even if I'm sleeping. I would like to get to sleep early feeling the way I do. And if I'm out of luck he won't be here until midnight and I don't wanna be awake for that long.

Kalle is coming over after work to try and help Js xbox to find the folders on the computer. On the tv there is only room for one hmdi so we have to change the cable every time we are switching between the mediacenter and the xbox J had with him last night. Kalle found some guide on the internet but it was in english and computer language in english only makes me confused.

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