Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter and some arguing

We had such a great time yesterday when we went to  my mom, there is nothing better than her food. My little brother was there, my cousin and his girlfriend and my aunt. And me, the munchkins and Kalle of course. We had a good meal and hung out until it was time for us to leave because Kalle had to go to his mother.

When we got home the munchkins watched a movie and had fridays chips even though it was saturday. We got home so late friday that it was straight to bed for them so the chips had to wait. So they had it last night insted. I placed myself in bed watching tv shows and waiting for J

But I didn't expect to have to wait as long as I did. At first he texted me that he was on his way over. He had been with a friend playing pool and had a few beers. Fine, he was on his way. Time goes and no J. I send him a text that I hope that he doesn't walk all the way over, I don't like him walking all by himself that time on a saturday. No answer. I try to call him, he doesn't answer. Then and there is when Lilith start to worry. Finally I get a text that he has gone to the pub with his friend having a few beers.

Eeeeh, excuse me? Now, I'm not that kind of girlfriend that has a problem with him doing stuff with his friends, that's not what it's about. But when he first text me that he is on his way, and then change his mind and goes and does something else without telling me about it so I'm sittting there waiting like a fool, no then Lilith isn't happy.

Finally he shows up. I wasn't angry, just disappointed. I felt kind of unimportant when he didn't even think of texting me telling me that he isn't on his way as he said, but go and does something else. We talked and I said that I know that he has been single for three years and could come and go as he wanted and change his mind the last thing he did, but he can't do that anymore. Now we are two, not just him, and then you show consideration and stick to what you said. He understood and apologised. I'm not resentful so as soon we had talked about it I let it go and the rest of the night was great. But he is sort of hung over today and Lilith can't help but being a little spiteful about it, in a loving way. Maybe I should  hide the painkillers from him.

Today will be a day at home in sweat pants and a hoodie. I didn't have time yesterday to do anything at all at home, didn't even have time to do the dishes. So I have a whole apartment that screams for some love so I guess I´ll get started.

Moms easter food

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