Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It's finally time!

The meeting yesterday went well. I was soooo nervous but it went so well that I'm starting today! Finally I have my internship. But what wasn't that fun is that insted of setting my alarm at 7 am I now have to set it at 6.30 am if I'm gonna have time to do everything in the morning. But it's so worth it.

Soon it's time to wake up the munchkins and J. At 7 am. I thought I would blog first. Then it's time to fight about the bathroom. The munchkins are gonna brush their teeth and J is gonna shower and get ready and then it's time for me to get ready. There is gonna be a line to the bathroom.

At 9 am my internship starts and then it ends at lunch. After that I need to go down town to drop of some papers so I get my money. Then I'm going home. I don't have to go to the grocery store today.

I suspect that I'm gonna be dead tired so I think I'll curl up under the blanket on the couch when everything is done at home.  Then I think Kalle is coming over for a coffee and see how everything went today so I'll have to try to not sleep to much on the couch.

I'll end the day with a shower. I have shower at night. Mostly because I'm to lazy to blow dry my hair and I hate going to bed with wet hair. But if I'm gonna have time to shower in the morning I have to get up at 6 am and I'm to lazy for that. So shower at night it is. Then it's time for bed and watch some tv shows with J before it's time to sleep.


  1. The life of a mother much to do...its easy to forget yourself. At the end of the day its worth it. All the best with your internship.


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