Thursday, March 17, 2016

When you aren't sick

The internship yesterday went great. At least until 30 minutes before I was finished for the day when Leo called and didn't feel well and wanted to come home so it was just for me to pack up my stuff. Lucky for me it's not that far away.

When I got home there was a munchkin that wasn't sick, only tired. I explained that tired is not a reason to go home from school because then no one would ever be in school. So he can go back to school today and I can go to my internship.

When I got home yesterday I curled up on the couch trying to rest, I was so tired. But I had to much coffee so I couldn't. So I made som more coffee and sat at the computer insted. That worked too.

After my internship today I'm going down town to drop of some papers. I was suposed to do that yesterday but didn't have time for it before I had to go home. I need to think of something to eat as well so I can take the buss to the grocery store without going home first. But I still have time, doesn't leave until 8.30 am.

But then again we are four people that are getting ready and need to use the bathroom. J will wake up soon and then he's gonna have a shower, I showered last night. Then the munchkins are getting ready and brushing their teeth and then I need to get ready, brush my teeth and put on my make up. So there is a line to the bathroom in the morning.

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