Tuesday, March 15, 2016

All of me

Oh God, I'm tired. The last time we looked it was 2 am and then back up again when the alarm sounded at 7 am. But I stayed in bed for a while.

We was in bed talking for a loooong while, for like three hours. Among other things what we want in life and the relationship and we both want the same thing. We want it to end up with us living together! That's where I see us in a couple of years and obviously him too. It feels nice that he is planning to stay, and are not only in it for the moment.

Today I have a meeting about the internship at 10 am. So I'm gonna be there just before 10 am and meet up with my case worker. And I'm soooo nervous. I've been home for over a year and I can't wait to do something and now it's so close. Of course I'm nervous.

After the meeting it's time to go home and fix stuff here. Then I'm gonna curl up on the couch for a while, there is a risk that I'm gonna fall asleep as well. I'm so tired that everything looks blurred so I think I need it.

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