Friday, March 4, 2016

It's finally time!

Oh God what a night I had. At first I had a dream that J was cheating on me. I woke up around 5 am and had a smoke. Then when I finally got back to sleep I had a dream that he broke up with me insted. No one was happier than me when the alarm finally sounded and I got away from all those dreams. 

Today is friday and my friday feeling is gone. The munchkins are going to their dad for the weekend and it will be so empty at home. But at 1 pm I have an appointment to get my nails done and after that I'm heading over to my friend Sara. The computer is coming with me, she thinks that I don't blog enough. But it's hard writing a blog post besides the ones I write every morning when nothing ever happens to write about. Since I have a desktop it's kind of hard to take that with me so I'm gonna borrow Leos laptop. It's my old one he got when I fixed this one. But I won't tell him, what he doesn't know can't hurt him haha.

It's really about time I'm getting my nails done, finally time. Mine has gotten so long and ugly, I don't do them as often as I should. But it always feels like there is better things to spend that money on. But no, I wouldn't survive without my nails.

Then after I'm finished at Sara it's back home to put om some clean sheets, if I don't have time to do that before I leave. I need to take a shower and shave my legs as well before it's time to go. I need to do the laundry when I get home. The sheets after I made the beds I always try to take care of the same day because they take up so much space in the laundry basket.

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