Saturday, March 5, 2016

Exciting things are happening

It was a long day from home yesterday.

discovered when I was getting ready that my mascara had gotten feets and left. Even the eye shadow had been played with and my make up remover was in a place where I never put it. In this family you shouldn't be so sure that it was Maja, it might as well been Leo, but both kids denied it. So I had to go down town without any mascara on, I looked like crazy.

A quick stop at HM to buy a new one, next stop at the ATM and then on to my nail salon where I got pampered for an hour. But I feel like they have been a bit worse the last few times so I'm thinking of going to another place next time.

When I was ready I took the bus home to Sara, with a heavy laptop. I weighs a ton. But I got some stuff done, some blog posts and some mail was sent. One mail resulted in great news that I will tell you more about later. If it wasn't for Sara and Linda I never whould have sent that letter so thank you for the feedback. 

I went back home after 5 pm, so tired in the head. At home I changed the sheets on the bed and then curled up on the couch waiting on J. When he came we went and got pizza, then back home to eat and finished the whole night with curling up in bed under the blanket watching some tv shows. But it was late, it was after 2 am when we finally went to sleep.

Today we are getting a nice visit in the outskirt of town. Rasmus is coming to visit and no one is happier than I am. I got him a huuuuge Toblerone when we went shopping two weekends ago and he is getting my Tassimo coffee machine that is just standing there colecting dust. I think he wants it at least. And it will be the first time he will be meeting J. Exciting.

When Rasmus has left I'm going to the grocery store. I'm in the mood for some meat, and that I have at home, but I need something to eat with it. I had planned to eat left overs this weekend and just walk around in my sweatspants here at home but meat is a must. I'm also gonna do some laundry, I was to tired for that when I got home yesterday. I will try to put up my picture on the wall again that fell down during the renovation, I finally got a new frame.

I will spend the night in bed watching my tv shows. J will be home with a friend watching the Swedish song contest and comes here after.

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