Friday, March 11, 2016

In need of an e-book reader

Yesterday was such a slow day. Between 3 pm and 5.30 pm when it was time to start dinner I had nothing to do and was mostly watching tv and playing on my phone. I really need to buy more books so I have something to read. I got plenty of books, but it's only unfinished series and I refuse to start reading them until I have all the books.

Today won't be that boring I hope. Since it's friday it's time to changes all the towels, I'm gonna do laundry and when the munchkins quit school we are gonna go grocery shopping for the weekend. Oh God how I can't wait for a good sleep in, when the alarm doesn't start sounding at 7 am. 

After we been to the grocery store I'm just gonna do nothing. I have a good amount of e-books on the computer I should move to my phone. The problem is that I hate to read on my phone, I prefer an e-book reader. But since I don't have one I have to take what I have.

My company for this afternoon

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