Saturday, March 12, 2016

Is it ok to have pms?

Yesterday wasn't as boring as Thursday was but I think that is because I talked on the phone non stop haha. So much that when it was 7 pm I only had 20% left on my battery and had to charge it. That never happens! And I didn't have time to transfer some e-books to the phone. I will try again today because I won't have the money to buy an e-book reader any time soon. First I have to save money for a new freezer.

I felt a bit sorry for myself yesterday, I had some really bad pms. No, I know, you are not suposed to write about that I have learned. Everything should be pink, fluffy and happy when you have a blog. But I have bad days, kids that talks back and have bad days sometimes and pms. But I managed to not be a total bitch to J during the evening. I was even so nice that I warned him before he came here. And he still came. That is true love.

Today I'm gonna focus on the home, I didn't yesterday because I was in pain and felt sorry for myself. So I'll do that today insted. I need to go to the grocery store, I need to get dinner for two days. And I'm always having trouble to think about something to eat for one day, now I need to think about something for two days. I don't have time to go to the store tomorrow since we are gone most of the day. We leave early and will be back again just before it's time to start dinner. A long day away.

But first of all I'm gonna finish my coffee, my second one today. Then I need to get ready and make a shopping list. Just my luck that we are all out of everything almost the week before the money comes in. But what to do besides just buy everything we are out of and look happy.

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