Thursday, March 10, 2016

How to chock the body in the morning

As usual when I wake up I went and had a smoke, woke up the munchkins and then I woke up J. The first thing he did was remind me that he didn't have to get up just yet, they start at 10.30 am. Haha, talk about me feeling stupid. I let him continue to sleep and went here insted.

Thursday is such a boring day. There is never anything fun happening. Today is the same as usual; laundry, dishes and cleaning. That's how much fun I will have today.

One good thing about it being Thursday is that it's Mob Wives. Unfortunately the last episode, then it's only the reunion left. What am I supposed to do with my thursdays? I got other shows I'm watching but Thursdays really is Mob Wives for me. I think Kalle will watch it with us, he usually does.

When the munchkins have left for school I'm gonna go back to bed and J again, I'll see if I get back to sleep or not. I feel both sleepy and not at the same time. I woke up from a weird dream five minutes before the alarm sounded and thought I overslept so the body was chocked awake. I had forgotten to take down the blinds so it was really bright and I thought that she was close to lunch. But no, she was only 6.55 am. So nice that it's sunny in the mornings, we are going the right way.

Soon it's time for sneekers

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