Sunday, March 6, 2016

A great saturday

What a good day I had yesterday, Lilith was more than pleased.

First Rasmus came over to visit and he had his girlfriend with him too. I finally got to meet her, and she was so sweet. It's a great girl he have met. And Rasmus got to meet J as well. It went great. We had coffee and talket and then J had to go but Rasmus and his girlfriend stayed a bit longer. I guess they were here for about two hours or something like that.

When they left I got busy with my appartment, did some laundry and stuff like that. Then I got sooo bored. I did not want to curl up under the blanket in bed watching my tv shows, not another saturday when the kids aren't home. I wanted to do something but didn't know what. J was home watching the Swedish song contest.

Lucky for me my cousin called and told me my little brother was coming over so I texted him asking if he could pick me up as well and he did. So we hade some fun hours over there. We went home when J texted a little after 9.30 pm that he was on his way because the Swedish song contest was over.

When he came it was ok to get in to bed with tonights tv shows. After that we went to sleep, it was after 1.30 am so it was kind of late.

Today will be kind of a boring day as well with total focus on the appartment. The munchkins are coming home tomorrow so I have to throw on some sheets on their beds. Then I need to vacuum and finish everything with scrubbing the bathroom. That's how fun my sunday will be. But it needs to be done.

My company today

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