Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter and some arguing

As usual I spent a lot of money when we went shopping att ÖoB. I always have trouble breathing when they tell me how much it is, but then I think about how much it all would have been if I bought it all at the grocery store and then it always feels a lot better because it would have been hundreds of SEK more. Then we stopped at the grocery store to get dinner. But it have to wait until sunday because I managed to get the kids to go to Burger King with Kalle insted so the waffles have to wait. Wheee, no one is happier than me.

When we got back Kalle colored my hair so now the terrible outgrowth is gone. Soooo nice, just in time for easter and everything. Then he went home and I got in the shower to rince out the color and shave my legs.

When we got home from Burger King it was already time for the kids to go to bed, it was way past their bedtime. Lucky for us it's easter break so it doesn't matter. Me and J got in bed to watch tonights tv shows. 

Then we had a bit of a fall out, or a big one. He did something that I thought was disrespectful, so I got really pissed off. And as always when I got pissed off he got even more pissed off, and then he isn't very nice so we had an even bigger fall out. But after a lot of talking he could see why I got mad to begin with, and that won't happen again. And then he could see his own behavior when he gets angry and that is something he will work on. It's inevitable to get mad at eachother, and that's ok, but it's how you behave when you get angry that's important. To fight the right way, because the wrong way can destroy a relationship so much.

Today we are going to my mom with Kalle, but J isn't coming. We aren't in any hurry to meet eachothers parents. It will happen when it happens. At 2.30 pm we are leaving, we are eating at 3 pm. We will only be there for a couple of hours beacause then Kalle needs to go home to his mother. We will be around ten people there. My little brother is coming and that makes me happy.

When we get home I'm gonna text J and we'll see if he has gotten home from playing pool. Then he will come over and we will curl up in bed when the kids have gone to bed. Since they are on easter break they get to stay up later than usual.

Two of my favorite people 

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