Friday, March 25, 2016

An exciting adventure

How nice it was to get to sleep in. I woke up when J put his arm around me. I first woke up at 8 am and went out for a smoke, but managed to get back to sleep after. Then I slept until the worlds best boyfriend woke me up. 

Today we are going with Kalle to ÖoB to shop and after he is gonna color my hair. I'm gonna see if we can stop at the grocery store on our way back so I can get dinner as well. It will be todays exciting adventure. Since today is waffle day here in Sweden (yes, we have days for everything) that is what we are having for dinner, the munchkins made me. And I was gonna do meatballs and pasta since I feel lazy and tired today. 

The intership was so boring yesterday. Usually when I'm done in the kitchen I help Lisbeth in the archive but she was away yesterday. I still had stuff I could do in her office but she had locked her door so I couldn't get in. So I sat in one of the couches in the kitchen and play with my phon. Update Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Update Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Over and over again. She came back 15 minutes before my next shift in the kitchen begun so the only thing we had time to do was go through the mail. What saved me that hour I spent in the kitchen doing nothing was the enormous bowl of easter candy that was on the table.

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