Monday, February 29, 2016

How to get the perfect night

There is nothing better than to spend the night in bed with J. We watched some tv shows, cuddled and talked. About how we met, how everything became what it is. And lots of laughter, I love how  he makes me laugh.

Less funny is that I only got five hours och sleep this night. We cuddled and talked until 2 am, and then the alarm went of at 7 am again so I'm sooo tired. Both Maja and J is starting late today and are still sleeping so there is only me and Leo awake.

Today I don't know if I'm gonna see my case worker about my internship or not. We are suposed to meet at 10.30 pm but we talked about everything on the phone last friday. I'm hoping we won't see eachother today because then I can go back to bed when Maja has left for school, she starts 8.45 pm. But if we are gonna meet I'm gonna go to the drug store and get peanut oil. I have such dry skin and nothing helps. So I asked my friend Linda and she recommended it and everything is worth trying. I'm also gonna book and appointment to get my nails done, hopefully they have a time on friday at 1 pm. 

Then I have to call about my washer and change it for a smaller one. Yesterday I got an error about that it's not getting enough water. They have put it so close to the wall that the hose is bent where the water comes in. But even tho it's so close to the wall I still can't open it all the way, the toilet is in the way. So I have to change it to a smaller one.

I'm just gonna gather up some courage first, I hate making those kinds of calls. So it's not sure that I'm gonna do that today, it's not an emergency. Kalle fixed the hose so at least I can do the laundry, and be bothered that the door only opens one third of the way.

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