Thursday, March 24, 2016

A thursday that is like a friday

What a day I had yesterday. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. It all started when I overslept, which resulted in not having the time to do everything at home before I left. I also dropped the ashtray so everything fell out in the whole kitchen. It was just for me to take out the vacuum cleaner.

I get to my internshit and is making coffee and when it's ready I spill boiling hot coffee on my foot when I'm changing the filter in the machine. While I'm changing the filter the coffee keeps on poring even though there is no coffee pot there, coffee everywhere. It was just for me to whipe it up.

The meeting with my case worker went well at least. He thinks that we should keep doing 9-12 am for a few months before we start doing 9 am-2 pm. After that it's full time and the goal is of course me getting a job.

Today it was hard getting up. I woke up J and then it was time to get up. I made him coffee while he's in the shower. I have promised him that for days but it haven't been done for different reasons, like that we overslept yesterday and didn't have time for coffee. But now we had the time so it's waiting for him to get out of the shower.

After the internship it's the bus to the grocery store, just need to think of something for dinner. Then home and do some cleaning, I won't have time to fix everything before I leave today. I'm thinking of curling up on the couch as well. I either sleep for an hour or do some reading. Moved a lot of e-books over to the phone and started reading yesterday.

But first of all I need to get through my internship, the last day of the week since it's easter here in Sweden. I mostly looking forward to the coffee. I don't drink any at home before I leave, my stomach doesn't like it. So I always have a cup of coffee when I get there and has made some. Lovely!

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