Wednesday, February 10, 2016

When the school calls

I didn't get to spend much time at the breakfast group yesterday. I had just poured myself some coffee when the school called. Leo had a headache and wanted to come home so i threw away the coffee and headed for the bus. Lucky for me, and Leo, J was also home sick so Leo could come home and wait for me insted of waiting at school. Then Leo spent most day under the covers on the chouch, freezing. At least I got to get to the drug store before the breakfast group to get all the meds I'm gonna need for a while.

Now they are putting up a new fan in the kitchen and they are making a lot of noice. Yesterday they put up the tile in the bathroom and the toilet so now that´s done. The only thing left is to put in the bathtub and all that stuff so it seems that they are on time. We are on week four out of five and it has gone a lot better than I thought. Soon it´s over! I just hope that J doesn´t wake up from all that noice. He is home sick today as well. 

When Maja has left for school I think I will get back in bed for a while. We went to bed kind of early last night, for being us. A bit before midnight. J is still sick so he didn't mind. And Lilith is like an old lady who loves getting to sleep early. But I´m also a night person who loves staying up late.

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