Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sick house

The meeting yesterday went great, I got two more years. Min case worker had some places he was gonna call this week so now we are hoping for the best. The whole thing took no more than five minutes, then I went to the grocery store and then home and down under the covers. But couldn't fall a sleep so I gave up and got up again.

Last night me and J emptied the kitchen cabinet. They are gonna put in new electricity so the cabinet had to be emptied so that they can reach everything. But only one of the cabinets strangely enough even though the electricity goes through both cabinets. Oh well, that is their problem. I won´t even be home.

It´s Tuesday and that means the breakfast group. But I'm getting down there early because I need to go to the drugstore. This is the last day that I can get my meds for free so I need to get as much as I can so that I have what I need for a while.

After the breakfast group it's back home to drop everything off and then go to the store. That means I need to think of something to eat. I´m so sick of it.

J is still sleeping. He wasn't feeling that good last night so I'll take it that he is to sick to go to school today. I'm gonna let him sleep. If he is gonna stay home I can take the bus pass when I´m going down town to the drug store and the breakfast group. I hope I get the time to fill out my papers that I need to drop of so I get my money this month as well.

I think I´ll wear this one today

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