Wednesday, February 10, 2016

10 apps I use every day

I hate the alarm that comes with the phone so I downloaded another one, Alarm Clock Xtreme free. It has both an alarm, a timer and a stop watch
As a blogger of course I need to have Bloglovin on my phone.
Who doesn´t use Facebook
Since I hardly sit at the computer at all it´s nice to have my mail with me.. Gmail is my favorite mail.
I think that the text msg program that comes with the phone is boring so I use  Go sms pro. There are thousands of themes, some of theme free and some of the cost a bit.
I upload pictures to Instagram in periods. But i check it on a daily basis
Kik I mostly use to message Maja when she is home and I´m not. 
A most for all girls. It costs a few SEK but it's worth it. Menstruella kalender pro is the best of all apps in this category that I have tried
This is the app I use the most. Messenger is now detached from Facebook so even if you don´t use facebook you can still use this app for messages
I was never really friends with the twitter app so I looked around for something else. Plume for twitter is my favorit of all the twitter apps. On of the things I love the most is that you can give different users that you follow different colors to be sure not to miss any of their posts.

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