Saturday, February 27, 2016

Visits all day long

I woke up just before 5 am, went out for a smoke and then back to sleep again until just before 10 am. Went out for a smoke but then went back to bed to cuddle with J and didn't want to wake up. So I went back to sleep for a little while until I got a text.

It was my cousin who wanted to do something and asked if we wanted company later. Of course! It's always nice to see her, we don't see eachother that much. So wake J up so he has time for a shower, he isn't human before his shower. And I sat down to write something and has gotten such a nice and sweet comment on my swedish blog. That makes me happy.

Later on Kalle will come over to pick up the boxes I borrowed for the renovation. He has been here a few times this week to pick them up but we always forgets it. 

Besides that it's the usual. Laundry, grocery shopping, making the beds and stuff like that. Think of something to eat would be good too.

Tonight I'm getting in bed watching tv shows. J is watching the swedish Song contest so he will be here late. So it will just be me. The originals is a must see. I'm waiting the whole week for a new episode to come online. One of my favorite shows that's fore sure.

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