Friday, February 26, 2016

I can't lose you

Today the phone woke me up, it was my case worker. He was just gonna inform me that so far he haven't had any luck with my internship. We continue to keep our fingers krossed.

Yesterday J was just in time for Mob Wives. And he had chocolate for me. How cute is that? I had just finished mine. After Mob Wives Kalle went home and me and J went to bed to continue to watch my tv shows. Hells Kitchen among other shows.

Today is friday. But we have had a friday feeling all week since the kids are on a break from school. But still, fridays are special. I have decided that we are having chicken for dinner today, I have wanted it all week and it didn't get any better when they made it on Hells Kitchen. So chicken it is! Besides that we are getting some chips and candy since the weekend is coming up.

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