Sunday, February 28, 2016

A perfect Saturday

Oh what a nice day we had yesterday when my cousin came over. I even got the blow her little ones nose and carry her, I usually don't. She is usually a bit shy. But not yesterday besides when they first came. We had coffee and talked. Yes, Lilith had coffee. I usually don't any more. And to think that I once lived on coffee. Maybe that is why I'm so tired all the time.

Today Kalle is coming over. We didn't have time for that yesterday. But now the munchkins have stolen the boxes, with Kalles approval, and packed stuff they don't use anymore. But I wonder where they are gonna put the boxes because they don't fit in the basement. It's more than full down there. 

I need to do laundry as well today, I didn't have time for it yesterday. My cousin left right before it was time for me to start dinner. So hurry hurry to the grocery store to get what I needed and then home to cook. I think I got to sit down for five minutes before it was time for dinner.

I need to do some grocery shopping today as well. That thing where I have to think of something to eat is the devils thing. I just take recipe after recipe from the binder. I can't be bothered with coming up with things to eat, it's much easier to just take the first recipe that is in the binder.

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