Monday, February 8, 2016

Time for a meeting

We had a really good time with my dad yesterday. It was me, the rest of his kids, my little sisters mom, my big sisters three kids plus her sons girlfriend. We had cake and spent some time together. Then my little brother was nice enough to drive me home when he was going to work.

When I got home I had some dinner, picked up the dirty laundry and made the bed. Then I lied down on the bed and watched some tv shows. I saw one episode of Criminal minds before I fell a sleep. And woke up when J rang the doorbell. Then we spent the rest of the night watching tv shows in bed.

Today I have a meeting. My internship period is only for one year at a time and then it's time to renew it. And now it's time. To think that I have gone a whole year and waited without something has happend. But now I hope things will change. I'm gonna be there at 11 am so I should have time to do what I need to do at home before that.

At 2 pm it's time for the laundry. Oh God how I miss my washing machine. But there is only two weeks left of this renovation then it's finally done and I can enjoy my bathroom with a shower and a washing machine again. 

Now we have it really warm at home. So warm that last night when we watched some tv shows I was in my pyjamas shorts and a t-shirt. How lovely! We had 77 degrees farenheit. Much better than 62 degrees farenheit and you have to have two layers of clothes on and a thermo blanket.

I miss doing the laundry at home

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