Sunday, February 7, 2016

Time for a birthday party

Ooooh, yesterday I got to meet the cats again. So great. When Kalle came over he had forgotten the router so we went back home to him to get it and I got to cuddle with the cats. How I wanted to take them home. But only two weeks lef and then they are coming home again.

Last night I was home alone, a strange feeling. I'm used to either the munchkins are home or J is here. But J was at home watching some tv show with his family and came later that night. So I was in bed watching some tv shows, it wasn't that bad. I took a nap when I was watching Bones. I used to watch that show when I was gonna sleep so now that I watched it I got tired right away. 

Today I'm going home to my dad to celebrate his birthday. I'm taking the bus that goes 1:51 pm, we are gonna be there at 2 pm so I will be just on time. I'm guessing I will be there for a few hours before it's time to go home again. I need to check when the bus home leaves as well. They don't go that often on sundays and I don't wanna stand there and wait for an eternity.

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