Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This arguing thing

Last night we had a discussion again, so unnecessary. Why does that always have to happen when you don't agree on something? I talked it out with J later and now I hope we are done with all this shit that happens over little things. That he might understand me better.

Now they are working in the toilet. Yesterday when I was at home they came with all the stuff that is gonna be put in like toilets and sink, I so hope that we get to use the toilets before the inspection så I don't have to wait until next week. I'm so sick and tired of going out every time. Like today when I woke up at 5.42 am and had to go to the next yard. 

Today will be a nice and quiet day, I have nothing planed besides grocery shopping and making dinner. We´ll see what we will have. I have to check my recipes.

I still feel a bit down after last night so I think I will try to get some sleep so this day will pass. It depends on how much noice they make when they are putting everything up.

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