Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hopefully some renovation

I was so confused when my alarm went off and I couldn't stop it. But it wasn't my alarm, it was Js. But shortly after that my alarm went off and it was time to get up. 

I would rather go back in to bed when the munchkins have left for school but it tuesday and that means the breakfast group. I hope I get to stay a bit longer than the last time. But I have to leave a bit early because I have some paper to drop of and then I need to go to the store and get some cigarets. But God, the coffee will taste good.

After the breakfast group it's time to get home to get things done here. If I haven't already done it. Sometimes I have time to fix it all before I leave for the breakfast group, I have about an hour after the munchkins have left for school before I need to leave. 

This afternoon will be nice and quiet, I hope. I might have the home to take care of, or maybe I have already done it. 

Maja had her picture taken at the basketball practice last night. Great pictures but wow, they were expensive. Over 600 SEK for a package. So I guess I'll just order 2 pictures. One for me and one for Kalle. He wanted one too. I was thinking about ordering them this afternoon.

There isn't much happening with the renovation. Well, I can here them outside the apartment but here it's not happening that much. I hope the put in the porcelain today when I'm at the breakfast group. I'm longing for a toilet so I don't have to go out every time.

The coffee will taste great today

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