Thursday, February 18, 2016

I have a toilet!!!

Yesterday I finally got the news I have been waiting for, the toilets and the shower was ready to use! No more going out in what ever weather. God how wonderful! The bathtub is coming on monday and the inspection is on tuesday. Now the only thing I'm waiting for is for them to fix the washing machine. But the toilet in the bathroom that is set on the floor we couldn't use until night because the glue had to set so we had to use the on in the little toilet and that one is on the wall and I hate those. I´m always worried that they are not proper put up so that they will fall down from the wall. Haha I know, so silly. But at least I could use the toilet in my own home again.

I'm still a bit tired even though I slept great so I think I'll get back in to bed when the munchkins have left for school. Then when I get up it´s time to get out in the snow that has come during the night, and lots of it, and go to the grocery store. Just have to think of something to eat, as always. 

Today or tomorrow they are coming to clean the bathroom and the toilet. I can hear them right  now coming in here but don't know what they will do. If they are gonna clean or fix the washing machine. But I think the washing machine will be hooked up after they have put in the bath tub so I think I have to use the laundry room on monday. I can't wait until they are done so I get to clean the hallway. Much needed after five weeks. 

Just talked to the guy who came here, he was just picking up the garbage. They will clean tomorrow and he's guessing that they will fix the waching machine on monday after the bath tub. Then I have to make a date with the laundry room so I get to wash all the bed sheets. Still got some left after last time and are gonna change this ones tomorrow again so I will have a whole lot that needs to be washed.

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