Thursday, February 11, 2016

Parent teacher meeting and coffee

Oh my God, the new kitchen fan is so ugly. It's not adapted for my kitchen but is big, ugly, clumsy and is sticking out. But at least I have a fan now, that's how you have to think.

Leo is feeling better and can go to school today. He could have gone yesterday but I wanted to see that he really was better and not something temporary. It's good that he is going today because we have a parent teacher meeting. Someone who is sick now insted is Rasmus so I have to call his school at 8 am. J is also feeling better, he went to school yesterday when he woke up. And I was gonna be a good girlfriend and let him sleep. 

After the parent teacher meeting I'm going home to my friend Linda for a coffee. We haven't seen eachother for a while now so we have a lot to talk about. I have missed her. It's strange that we don't get to see eachother that often when we live in the same neighborhood. But she is busy with her life and I am with mine. 

But before the parent teacher meeting and the coffee I have a home that want my attention. God how I long for this renovation to be done so I can clean the hallway, it's long overdue. But now I can't because they have put in a temporary floor. So I have to wait.

My ugly fan

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