Friday, February 12, 2016

Finally friday

Everything went great at Leos parent teacher meeting. He will be practicing his handwriting and division. Besides that he is ahead of where he should be. He has also stoped sitting under his desk that he did sometimes to be alone. 

After the meeting I went home to Linda for a coffee, it was to long ago. She was nice enough to have bought me some presents. A citchen clock with a timer and a shredder. We had coffee, smoked to much and had a really great time. It was good to hear her laugh.

I got home just in the for when the munchkins came home. Then I'm not sure what I did. Oh, I talked to my cousin on the phone! Maja had her practice so she ate before us so it was only Leo and I at dinner.

Later Kalle came over and we watched Mob wives together as always. When he left me and J went to bed and watched Hells kitchen and Baby daddy. Even an episode of the swedish show Andra avenyn. Not really my favorite show. But if J can stand watching my shows I have to watch his.

Today is gonna be a nice and quiet day. I' gonna go back to bed after everyone leaves at 8 am. It will be nice to get some more sleep.

When Leo comes home from school we are gonna go down to the showers, he needs a shower. Oh god how I miss my bathroom and want it back. Then when Maja comes home we are going grocery shopping for the weekend. Then home and do nothing until it's time to make dinner. For once I know what we are gonna eat; chicken. I have promised the munchkins that.

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