Friday, February 19, 2016

Just a few days left

God I'm tired and we went to bed at a reasonable time last night. Before it was 11 pm.

I didn´t get to many minutes in bed yesterday after the munchkins and J hade left before the doorbell rang. Just my luck! De come to fix something with the radiators so I had to get out of bed. Insted I made some coffee I had in front of the computer. 

Today I´m going shopping with J and a friend after J is done at school. We are meeting up down town. I need to buy a new pen (I only buy one kind), something for the spices because right now they are just standing on the bench next to the stove and then I need to buy a new frame for my picture of Chester Bennington. It broke during the start of the renovation, one of the handymen broke it. But it´s my own fault, we were suposed to empty the walls but I forgot to take it down. Then I think we would end the whole shopping thing with a coffee. 

Then it´s time to get home and unpack everything, have a shower and shave my legs. They are coming to clean the bathroom today so after that I can have a long shower and enjoy my own shower. Now it's just the bath tub and the washing machine and then everything is done. Then I can finally get the cats home!

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