Saturday, February 20, 2016

Another day of shopping

Ooooh how nice it was to get some sleep. But at first I woke ut before 10 am but refused to get up. Managed to get back to sleep after a while but I couldn't get any more deep sleep so I stayed in bed for about an hour before I got up. J is still in bed.

Yesterday was a good shopping day. I got everything I needed but something to put the spices on. I was gonna buy something so we don't slip in the bath tub but I had forgotten to write that on the list so no wonder I forgot to buy it. The we finished it all with a coffee at Espresso House before I went to the bus and got home.

At home I took a loooong shower. After five weeks I finally get to have a shower without having to leave the apartment, it was heaven. Then I put on some sweats and placed myself on the couch in front of the tv and waited for J to come which he did a little bit after 7 pm. Then we cuddled and watched some tv shows before we went to sleep. I guess it was around 1.30 am before we turned of the lights.

Today it will be some more shopping. My little brother is nice enough to drive me to ├ľoB to do some shopping. I have a long list but it's just little things. Just a few big ones like something to hang the laundry where the bed sheets will fit, a wagon for the bathroom to put my stuff now that I can't put up any shelves there and a new litter box for when the cats comes home. We leave in about an hour so I'm gonna finish this blog while J is having a shower and then it's my turn to get ready.

When I get home I'm just gonna dump everything and then I'm going home to Sara. She had her birthday this week so I'm going over there to celebrate her a bit. I need to look up when the bus leaves as well. I thought I'll take the bus to the store and do some more shopping. I need something for dinner. That can be good to have.

Later tonight J is coming over. He is just gonna watch the Swedish song contest and then he will sleep here. While he is watching that I'm gonna watch my tv shows that has aired during the night.

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