Monday, February 15, 2016

Hopefully the last week,and some argument

How we spent Valentines day yesterday J and I? With an argument, not that much fun. But we worked it out finally and he got the teddy bear I got for him. He was super happy, for that little thing. But I forgot to get Valentines day cookies for the munchkins but they seems to have forgotten about it too because they didn´t say anything. And believe me, if there is cookies involved they say something.

Since it got so late yesterday I think I'm going back to bed when the munchkins have left for school. But they will take a while because Maja doesn't start until later so she is sleeping in. J starts later as well so he is also still sleeping. It´s just me and Leo awake.

Now it´s the last week of the renovation, I hope. They are gonna come with all the interior this week and then they are suposed to be finished. I really hope they will be because I´m getting sick and tired to go out to the barrack everytime I have to use the bathroom or take a shower.

No Valentines cookies

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