Sunday, February 14, 2016

Is it Valentines day?

Waking up at 9.30 am was not my plan for today, I was thinking about sleeping until at least 11 am. But we stayed in bed and cuddled and fell in an out of sleep.

Last night it was just me. J was home and watched the Swedish song contest so I was in bed watching my tv shows. It's a few that has started again after the season break. So there I was having a good time waiting for him. He came shortly before 10.30 pm. Then it was even more tv shows and some cuddling.

I managed to book the laundry room until monday as well. The laundry basket is more than full. Oh God how I miss my washing machine. Almost more than I miss my shower. To be able to do laundry when I feel like it and not when the laundry room is available.

We went home to Kalle and said hi to the cats. How I miss them! But only one more week and then they are coming home again. Then when we got home Kalle came with us but I was a bad hostess and fell aslepp on the couch haha.

Today will be a slow day. I need to go grocery shopping as usual, today we will be having salmon for dinner. I hope, if they have any. Or else I have to improvise.

I guess it's Valentines day today. I'm not much for this day. At most we have Valentines day cookies so I guess we will have that today as well. Me and J arent gonna do anything today because he haven't said a word about it.

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