Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Finally warm

After the munchkins vent to school I went back in bed and slept for a while. I was so tired. It was late last night, I couldn't sleep. It was close to 3 am before I feel a sleep. Then back up again at 7 am.

Soon I'm going down to the showers to have a shower and shave my legs. It's always exciting to have to do it there. Oh God, how I long for my bathroom to be done. I'm gonna have the worlds longest shower then.

Today they finally came and fixed the heat in the apartment, I called again yesterday to complain that it's to cold and we have no heat. So today a guy from the company came and fixed it, the heat was off. So now it's warm and cosy again.

Then it will be the usual here like doing the dishes and make the bed. Then when Leo gets home fro school I'm going grocery shopping, as soon as I can think of something to eat. That whole food thing feels so unnecessary. Why can't there be a pill that had all the nutrition that you need. How nice, and how little I would have to do the dishes then.

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