Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A day full of adventures

The adventures with the router continues. The one I bought worked great at Kalles, so he brought it back here again after I changed some settings on the phone. But no, that didn't work. Damn! But we thought of some things we are gonna try on thursdag. First my switch from my internet provider is soooo old, since 2008, so Kalle called BBB and they would send a new one. Then we will try to split it all (don´t even know what that is, ask Kalle) with another swith between the one from BBB and my router. That is how Kalle has it at home so we hope that it will give some result. If we are really lucky it's the switch that drags down the speed all along and not my old router. Then I can use my old one and return the new one and save the money for a new dishwasher. Well, if it doesn't work I still need to return the old one since it's not working here.

The bad luck continues at home as well. Leo was gonna go to the toilet before bed. Usually I'm not all that happy about him going alone with my keyes but he has done a great job so far so I let him go. Then it's Majas turn and she can't find the keyes. Of course Leo has forgotten them at the toilet. So I take the spare keyes and we went outside. Lucky for all of us my keyes where on the basin where he put them. I put them in my pocket and we went hoem again.

When we get close to the house I´m gonna take out the keyes from my pocket and one of the spare keyes falls to the ground. It has been snoving all night... Sent the kids home, cursed a lot and started looking. In deep snow. When I'm about to give up and just have to pay the 1200 SEK that a key costs I finally find it.

Tuesday today and Lilith has the breakfast group. I just wanna go back to bed. I'm so tired. We watched Paranormal Activity last night and I was scared to death. As always with those movies. So I'm so tired today, it takes a lot of energy to be that scared. But no, no sleep for me. The breakfast group it is. I´m gonna leave early so I have time to go to the drugstore before the breakfast group.

After that it´s time to go back home, drop of my bag and go to the grocery store. I need to think of something to eat as well. God, how I hate everything that has to do with food. Then home and take care of the apartment if I don't have time to do that before I go. If I´m lucky I have time left for a nap on the couch as well.

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