Sunday, February 21, 2016

A really good weekend

We got everything we needed yesterday almost. And I can say that it's lucky for me that my dad has a big car because wow, I got a lot. It costed me over a 1000 SEK to get everything. But Lilith was a good girl and I sticked to the shopping list, but I got some candy too. J kept an eye on me to see that I didn't buy anything I didn't need. 

After we were finished my little brother took me home and we dumped everything I had gotten and then we got back in the car again. We dropped J of on the way and then my little brother took me to Sara. I was there for a few hours and celebrated her birthday and then Kalle was nice enough to come and get me. We went to Burger King for something to eat, then to the grocery store and then he dropped me off at home.

At home I put on my sweat pants and curled up under the blanket in bed and watched my tv shows. J was at home watching the Swedish music contest but came over after that. We continued to watch tv shows and cuddle, I think se was around 1,30 am before it was time to sleep.

Today I was gonna go home to Linda but she didn't feel to good so we will have coffee some other day. As for now it's only I that are up, J is still sleeping. Later on Kalle is coming over to dye my hair, it's about time. I haven't done it during these 5 weeks of renovation. I haven't felt like going outside with dye in my hair to go take a shower and wash it out. But now it's finally time.

Then he is gonna put up a shelf in the toilet as well. I can't wait until tomorrow when they bring in the bath tub so I can start unpacking everything and put everything in it's place. Then it's only the washing machine left that I hope they will plug in on monday or tuesday. Then my home is complete and everything as it should be. And the cats can home home again.

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